Rollercoaster in South Africa – ready for a quick Blog-Week?

5 month, 160 days, 3840 hours, 13 824 000 seconds I have been here in South Africa. And when you think about it – it took me 1-2 sec. to make my decision final and sign the registration form for this 1-Year Course in South Africa. So in 13’824’000 seconds a lot can happen – and it did. Especially the last weeks just flew by and I experienced thousands of new things. Many new storys and lessons learned to tell you.

This morning I was holding a foot of an elephant up to take measurements… and oh lord it was heavy – but in that exact moment I was thinking – what the hell – this is my job right now… Tomorrow the plan is to go and catch 2 lions that escaped a few weeks ago and bring them back to our reserve… I mean what is written in your calender for tomorrow? Sometimes I can’t believe where I am and what I am doing… How I ended up holding an elephant foot up as a job? And what other steps I had to go to get here I will tell you in my Blog-Week, where I will bring you up to date on my journey!

Storys are waiting for you…

In my last Blog I was still in Botswana being a total nerd and studying hard for my exams… I am going to talk about our exam-time and my amazing time as a volunteer at the Selati Research Team. I am going to talk about noticing that I don’t have to be perfect all the time and failing is ok. How I became officially a Field Guide and how I lost the first round in a fight with a scorpion… How I learned to shoot with a gun and what my time in Switzerland made me realise… How I returned to South Africa just to spend 10 days in isolation where I got to know myself a little better. My encounters and amazing sightings with dangerous animals during my Trails Guide Course. And of course where I am right now and what my plan is for the futur….

So get ready, get back in the reading mood and let’s goooo!

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