Scorpion sting didn’t transform me into a scorpion but made me a Field Guide!

The day has finally arrived the big exam! our pracitcal assessment. Which means a 3 hour game drive and I have to be the guide! We got almost 3 months prepared for this and now was the day we could show and tell what we have learned so far. Well as always I had first„Scorpion sting didn’t transform me into a scorpion but made me a Field Guide!“ weiterlesen

Looking at a track longer doesn’t make the track clearer…

Offtime was over and education continued. New week, new course, new reserve. So what was the plan for the next 2 weeks? A lot! Track & signs and Trailing course and exams… I learned a lot about tracks but also a lot about myself and life… TRACKS! And believe me we learned every little track„Looking at a track longer doesn’t make the track clearer…“ weiterlesen

If life gives you shit – roll it up to a ball and ride it!

My 2 weeks off I spent „back home“ in the Selati Game Reserve (the Reserve we started our course). I volunteered 2 weeks with the Research Team. EcoTraining is very focused on educating us in being good and entertaining guides. I wanted to see another side of the Wildlife. Conservation- and Research-Work.  It was an„If life gives you shit – roll it up to a ball and ride it!“ weiterlesen

Does it make „muh“ or more „moah“?

Let’s start at the beginning – our time in Botswana came to an end – which ment – exams! In 2019 I did my Bachelor in Marketing & Communication. I had to study for 3 years to get my Bachelor’s Degree… Back then I hated to always stay in the building and I loved to„Does it make „muh“ or more „moah“?“ weiterlesen

Rollercoaster in South Africa – ready for a quick Blog-Week?

5 month, 160 days, 3840 hours, 13 824 000 seconds I have been here in South Africa. And when you think about it – it took me 1-2 sec. to make my decision final and sign the registration form for this 1-Year Course in South Africa. So in 13’824’000 seconds a lot can happen – and it„Rollercoaster in South Africa – ready for a quick Blog-Week?“ weiterlesen

About zippers, dirty nails and pants-struggles.

On the last blog I wrote about what I love about the bush. The time I spent here also revealed some things I miss or mhm I have still to adjust to. Enjoy my daily struggles – my back sending complaint-E-Mails, my underwear wishing for a private date with a real washing machine, Netflix-Burritos and„About zippers, dirty nails and pants-struggles.“ weiterlesen

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. …

More than 55 days away from Switzerland and over 200 Hours actively spent in the Bush, 2 different countrys and surviving all kind of weather – from freezing cold nights – to melting hot walks during the day to stormy nights and rainy mornings. I have arrived – Finally realising that I won’t leave so„In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. …“ weiterlesen

Using my senses again – Tracking my way to happiness?

I’ve been now following poop, tracks in the sand, pools of urine and smells for a few weeks. I never thought, that those things would ever lead me to happiness. Money, a house, food and a husband is what they teach us that should lead us to happiness. But is looking at poop and following„Using my senses again – Tracking my way to happiness?“ weiterlesen

Welcome to your Game Drive with Ninja!

Wow – I survived already almost 4 weeks in Selati. Yes SURVIVED is the right word… My storys about my first week, seem now like an appetizer. What I have learned, encountered and experienced in the last few weeks is just crazy, amazing and sometimes unbelievable. No day is like the other… And if I„Welcome to your Game Drive with Ninja!“ weiterlesen

Volleyball zwischen Giraffen und zwei Impala-Beinchen

Ankunft im Camp – Einzug ins Zelt – Wilderness First Aid – schlaflose Nacht, Nyala versucht einzubrechen mit einer Löwin vor dem Zelt – das Abenteuer hat definitiv begonnen. Meine erste Woche: Nachdem wir gefühlt 2 Tage mit dem Bus gereist sind, kamen wir endlich beim Gate zum Game Reserve Selati an. Drei Guides von„Volleyball zwischen Giraffen und zwei Impala-Beinchen“ weiterlesen